Cabin porn.
LOT 0983 — ARK 1; 6.4m x 3m x 2.6m; 13m² internally; 17m² externally; 4.5m x 1.6m window; rechargeable battery bank; electric powertrain.
A rechargeable solid state Lithium Ion battery for an EPA estimated range of 500+ miles, 600W solar panel roof with 5G and Starlink™ antennas.
Off-road, self-driving, autonomous, off-grid mobile home.
Home on the range.
Breakfast of champions.

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Humans have never really lived on earth.

In fear of the cold, famines, and war, we chose to huddle in caves, camps, and cities in order to dwell near pooled resources, fearing unknown calamities. But the internet has changed all this. Accessibility no longer requires proximity. You no longer have to physically relocate in order to acquire the tools and resources you need to live a comfortable life. We are moving towards a reality where work and location no longer need to depend on the other. With the rapidly growing infrastructures of telecommunications, green energy, delivery services, and travel flexibility – both in pace of advancement and market size – a new way of working and living is emerging.

One in which we no longer need to rely solely on outdated frameworks of metropolitan densities to support a given lifestyle.

Flattening density is the way forward.

Entire economies will need to re-evaluate what it means to give flexibility just as its users are realizing the boundaries of these new flexibilities. We’re already seeing an exodus of major metropolises. Lockdown hysteria has forced us to consider whether the paths we thought we prescribed ourselves is really ours. As this changes how many will choose to live, LOT is building a mission to earth.

ARK 1 is an off-road, mobile dwelling. It features plug and play modular parts, a rechargeable battery pack, solar roof, 4 wheel steering, independent suspension, and can be equipped with full self-driving capabilities.

By treating the home as the ultimate appliance, we’re building a vehicle to nourish the self. If your home could take you anywhere, and there’s no more point A to point B, where would you go?

Crawl Mode

ARK 1 utilizes all of its on-board self-driving cameras/sensors to enable it to drive autonomously on off-road, off-grid terrain.

It is also equipped with a drone that acts as eyes by flying ahead to map trickier surfaces in order to provide the best possible route (fog map). This feature is not meant for navigating conventional roads, as there are no lanes to switch or traffic lights to watch for. Only surface and elevation changes to traverse, which it does slowly, so if you wanted to go to bed in the desert and wake up at the coastline, you can.


LOT 0983-2

20:39 – Friday, April 10 at Great Salt Lake Desert, 40.6091, -113.4661

18:43 – Friday, April 10 at Great Salt Lake Desert, 40.6091, -113.4661

19:21 – Monday, May 18 at El Capitan, 34.465976, -120.024302

03:01 – Tuesday, May 19 at El Capitan, 34.465976, -120.024302

18:43 – Friday, April 10 at Joshua Tree, 33.977110, -116.020468


Try it in AR:

Try your ARK 1 in the wild. Tap on the icon above to experience it true to scale. Only available on iOS devices (for now) see ARK 1 in AR

White paper

Read our full proposal for ARK 1 on Google Docs

How much will my ARK 1 subscription cost?

1 day
365 days
Travel to reservation site
24/7 access to LOT community centers
For use in designated areas only
Remote security
24/7 roadside assistance
Remote check-in/out
Reservation delivery
Open road travel
Towing Vehicle (Powered by JEEP®)
LOT Life subscription, basic self-care products
Remote smart address (delivery locker, automatic postal routing, DMV untethered, utilities)
Water delivery, food boxes
Citizenship Assistance (legal aid, medical care, licensing, property insurance)
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